Five Concerns of the Millennial Generation

Even if the world is in a worst state as of the very moment- and the stereotype of the millennial generation of them being selfish and indifferent- there are a lot of millennials that actually care about issues of the world and in fact, a lot of them are ready to tackle them. Other people think that what millennial think about are gadget, social media, air conditioner spring hill in their room that don’t work, clothes, fashion and acceptance by peers. But, this is not true.

Millennial Generation

70% percent of this generation are looking forward to grab opportunities for them and their peers and 50% are hopeful that they could be catalysts for change as well as decision making in their own respective countries. This survey is from the yearly Global Shapers of the World Economic Forum, wherein more than 26,000 millennials from around the globe are enjoined in this initiative.

Listed below are some of the concerns of the millennials in the worldwide issues that we experience today.

1. Safety and Security

Millennials that come from the Sub-Saharan Africa as well as in Middle East or North Africa are the most concerned millennials on the issue of security and well-being. More than 25% of these millennials shared their sentiments of these particular issues. On the other hand, the Latin American and the Caribbean millennials are least concerned with the said issue.

2. Transparency and Corruption in the Government

More or less, 32% of millennials resided in the Sub-Saharan Africa are more that engaged and concerned with issues pertaining to problems in the government such as graft and corruption followed by Latin America as well as Middle East.

3. Poverty

Poverty is one of the many problems that are experienced by the world today. Because there are a lot of people who remain unemployed and opportunities are unfortunately scarce, a lot of individuals reman living below the poverty line. About 40% of the millennials in Latin America and Caribbean are mostly concerned with this issue followed by millennials in North America and Sub-Saharan Africa.

4. Religious Issues

This particular issue is very much blatant in the society as of today, especially in areas such as Iraq and Syria where extremist Muslim militant groups such as ISIS violently siege a number of places and killed hundreds. A big number of the millennial population are largely engaged in movements to promote religious peace and on top of the list are those in Middle East and North Africa, followed by South Asia and Eurasia.

5. Wars

War torn places like Libya are almost always backed up with United Nation’s forces against Islamic State fighters in country. Because of the media and some other factors, millennials are concerned with this particular issue especially those in Eurasia as well as Middle East and North Africa.  

There may be a lot of studies proving how the millennial generation are mostly narcissistic and apathetic, however, there are also a lot of them who are necessarily concerned with the problems faced by the world today. This is especially true knowing that all of us are interconnected and affected by these problems. However, these problems could be solved when we think collectively and when we join forces to progress and success. Nobody could solve these crises but ourselves.

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