Four Environmental Hazards Experienced Today 

There is nothing permanent in this world but change. Even the world in itself, is facing some constant alteration. Because of the many changes that the world experience as of today, there is a need to educate people for them to be aware with the problems that accompany these changes. With changes in weather patterns, massive presence of intense natural disaster and many more, there is a need for people to know the ways on how to mitigate the effects of these problems.
Environmental Hazards

Since the planed is somehow on the brink of an unsolvable crisis in the environment, education and awareness should the first step to be taken in order to alleviate the vulnerability that we have because of these threats in the environment. This is precisely the reason why the current dire situation of our planet should be of highest concern.

1. Pollution 

Water, Air and Soil pollution needs millions and millions of years to be solved. One of the main pollutants are motor vehicles and industry machines used in factories. Plastics, heavy metals as well as nitrates are also some of the toxic wastes the world is continuously producing. Oil spills and acid rain are some of the causes of water pollution and of course, air pollution is mostly caused by gases and toxins produced by industries as well as fossil fuel combustions.

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2. Overpopulation

One of the environmental problems we have today is inherent with the people, that is, overpopulation. Because the population balloon keeps on expanding, shortages in the key resources such as water, food as well as fuel is expected to happen. Agricultural practices that yield more crops should be the answer to this problem. Birth control should also be one.

3. Depletion of Natural Resources

One serious problem that we experience nowadays is the depletion of the earth’s natural resources. Because of the artificial practices of humans require the massive use of natural resources, a lot of the natural resources nowadays are now depleted. People should look for alternatives and shift to renewable energy sources such as solar, wind, or geothermal energy.

4. Waste Disposal

Since the invention of plastics, a lot of people have suffered the consequences of problems that arise from improper waste disposal. Firs world countries are the primary arbitrators of producing a large number of waste in bodies of ocean or worst, in less developed countries. The rise of fast food chains has also arbitrated the increase usage of plastics over the years. Because of the problems that arise from these threats, people should always remember to reduce, reuse and recycle their wastes, be knowledgeable about proper waste segregation and take part in community extensions to solve this dilemma.

The future is very uncertain, especially with the presence of these global threats. However, if we take action right now, we could end the crisis that these threats bring. As much as possible, take action and include yourself in community extensions to alleviate the effects of these problems. Start solving this dilemma within your own household. Become a good example to the next generation and continue to do what you can in mitigating the effects of these environmental hazards.

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