Foolproof Tips for a Home with a Pet Dog

When the COVID-19 pandemic started to hit the world, everyone stayed indoors. And this means more time to observe how our kids and dogs get along in the house 24 hours a day. Having pets at home, especially dogs is a big responsibility. There would be a time where you would lose control of the house while you need to do a lot of works and tasks for work.   

2020 Dog Boon  

It was reported that after the pandemic, more and more people have adopted dogs in their houses, and that includes people who weren’t ready to adopt dogs and the responsibility it incurs.   

Foolproof Tips for a Home with a Pet Dog  

While you can always rely on professional cleaners like Alameda cleaning and their services, we also want to help you address the problem on your own and avoid the clutter that will make you more stressed.   

The following are the tips you need to follow to make your home remain clean amid having a dog that makes your space messy:  

1. groom your dog on a regular basis – dog loses their fur and this is what keeps the shedding on different parts of the house. This happens especially when your dog is not groomed on a regular basis. The thing is, you do not need to go to the professional groomer to take care of your dog (however, if you prefer to hire a groomer, it is much better). When grooming, it is advised that you brush and wash your dog outside to avoid fur contaminating the indoor air. It can also minimize the dog smell.  

2. make sure that your dog exercises every day – dogs need physical activity too. And while everyone is mostly prohibited to go outside the parks, you can always run and walk your dog in the neighborhood to at least give it some physical activity. Why is it important though? Take note that a bored dog will become destructive in the house at some point. This is the reason they tend to eat out your shoes or even run around the house and cause some accidents. It is better to provide them constructive fun than allow them to tear everything they get with their mouth.  

3. wipe their paws before your pets get into the house – the very effective way to prevent your house from getting dirt is to not allow your children and pet to get inside the house with dirty feet. After the walk, ensure that your dogs’ paws are wiped clean. This way, you would not need to deal with the dirt on the carpet or on the rug.  

4. vacuum as frequently as possible – it is not necessary that you wait until you notice some dirt has already accumulated on the rug or carpet. Vacuuming as regularly as possible prevents the dust and pet dander from accumulating. Moreover, they are also easy to remove when they are new. 

5. clean as soon as possible – cleaning dirt or stains that your pet made is more effective than letting the dirt sit for several hours. You might find it difficult to remove once it has seated deeply.  




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