How to Fix Worse-Case Foundations

This is due to the fact that your home’s foundation carries the weight load of your home as well as transfers its weight to the ground, thus, the foundation should have a structural integrity. The foundations in new houses must comply with the basic residential structural codes however, on the other hand, for older homes, the foundations may already have suffered from lack of drainage system and poor steel reinforcement. The worse-case scenario foundation is no longer correctable with the use of sealing techniques and standard reinforcement. In addition to that, there are only limited options left for the residential homeowners. As a matter of fact, all except one needs a professional engineer and highly-skilled and experienced foundation contractors

1. Pour an interior wall. The professional foundation contractor will build a one-sided form of concrete inside your old basement perimeter then pour the new concrete wall. This will allow the homeowners to use their basements however, it will cost you a lot of money. A professional engineer should design the new walls to withstand the lateral pressure coming from your old wall through the steel reinforcement. The new wall may not be as tall as the old one due to the fact that the access is very important at the top in order to work the moist concrete, nonetheless, you may add concrete blocks afterwards for a polished look. 

2. Fill it in. This may be the simplest and the cheapest and perhaps the last option for most homeowners. Filling in the basement with the sand counters lateral pressure coming from the soil outside the walls therefore it stops the movement of the foundation wall, however, it also avoids the future use of your basement. The homeowners insert chutes through the old wall and window opening then pour sand into your basement, spread it and tamp it with the plate compactor with a few inches interval.  

3. Pour a new foundation. Actually, this method is the best method to have a long-term integrity of your foundation and value of your home however, this is also the most expensive of them all. A house-moving company may move and lift your home just for the mean time to your backyard if there is still room. The contractors then excavate and remove your old foundation and replace the new one.  


Digging outside of a doubtful basement wall is very dangerous. In addition to that, once the soil that supports the basement wall is gone, the concrete or the stones may crumble outward. 


If you fill in your basement with sand, leave crawl space access. This is very important for duct work in the brace, plumbing and reaching wiring. 

In addition to that, if you also want to build a new basement however, there is no more space at the back to move your house, the expert Haltom City foundation repair will just replace one basement wall after the other while your home stays in place thus, this may still be needing a house-moving company in order to lift your house. 

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